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The discussion forum is for young people to connect and communicate with each other.  This is a great opportunity to find people with similar interests for you to discuss ideas and share opinions with.  Strike up a friendship with like-minded people in other parts of the country.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m Iris and I’m 10. I’m moving to Wellington early next year and would really like to make some friends. I like minecraft, skateboarding, reading and playing outside. I really like cats too.

    1. Hello Iris
      Please contact us again when you arrive in Wellington and we’ll invite you to our next Minecraft session. You might also like to come along to our next Saturday Club get-together. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.
      Best wishes
      Bill (Moderator)

  2. Hello My Name Is Michael Wheeler I Am Aspergers’s adhd, anxiety, i like to play minecraft and pokemon, if anyone would like to play with me somethime or something like that reply to this message and i will try to get back to you

      1. Hello Alex
        My fav Pokemon Team is probably, Torterra, Swampert, Metagross, Dragonite, Onix and Slowpoke.

      2. Hi, I am 16 years old. I would like to talk to someone who is 16. My brother is 13 years old.
        he likes PS4 and You Tube.

  3. Hi, my name is Thomas. I would like a female friend to e-mail for chats, I am 16 years old male. I live in the Canterbury area. It would be nice if you were around the same age as me. I am schooled at home, so I don’t get to meet many people. I love animals, especially cats. I like some play station games and listening to music.

  4. hi I am eve and I am 9 years old. I love reading, Nino kuni (ps3), cats and others :). I go to school and hasn’t got any friends. I love talking (but not at school) a lot . I hope I can make some friends now. peace out #YOLO!!

  5. Hi, my name is Cieran and i am 11 years old. i live in Petone Lower Hutt and don’t have many friends. :( I like computer games, board games, card games and rugby and I’m a YouTube fan (Yogscast, Pewds, etc). I would love to meet people and I’m a great talker, please get touch if you want to be friends. Thanks!

  6. Hi, this is Robbie. I’m hoping to meet people who live in or near Paraparaumu. I’m ten and I like Star Wars the Force Unleashed, Soul Caliber, Minecraft and Agents of Shield.

  7. Hello my name is Edward I like Doctor who, Minecraft and Need for speed. I am 10 years old. I don’t have that many friends :(. My hobbies are playing video games, making computers and filming. Lower Hutt. I hope I get to make new friends. Bye!

    1. Hello Edward my name is Alex I am 10 on March 28th. I like Pokemon, catching bugs and making movies on my iPad. I live on a dairy farm in Canterbury. I want to make some friends coz I do not have any

    2. hello Edward I’m Richard and I live in the lower Hutt area too. I like Doctor Who and mine craft and on saturdays I go to a cloud 9 club in Tawa. I also like playing video games and my family has a you tube channel called the evil ducks. over all I would like to be your friend. I love Yoshi as well. If you don’t know who Yoshi is he is a Mario character from Nintendo. I’m in year 6 at Ss Peter and Pauls school and I am also ten and got a sonic screwdriver for my birthday.

      1. Hello Richard it’s me Edward I was just seeing if you wanted to be my friend. I guess we will see each other a lot since I live in Alicetown.

      2. Hello Bill (moderator), Please could you give Edward my email address I would like to be his friend. Can you ask if I can have his email address too.


      3. Hi there Richard
        I’ve sent Edward your address and his to you. If there is anyone else on the Discussion Forum who would like to connect with someone, please email me or post a request here on the Discussion Forum.
        Bill (moderator)

  8. Hi, my name is nick too. I like minecraft and doctor who and playing on the computer, I don’t have any friends and would like to make some.

  9. Hi, I’m Inés. I think my 16 year old son has Asperger syndrome. I’ve tried to get in touch with the ADD Trust in Island Bay, but they don’t answer the phone or return calls. Can anybody please recommend me another reliable organisation for assessment? Thanks.

  10. You’re so awesome! I don’t suppose I have
    read through something like that before. So wonderful to find someone with genuine thoughts on this topic.
    Really.. many thanks ffor starting this up. This wwebsite is something that’s needed on the
    internet, someone with some originality!

  11. I would like to meet other kids with Aspergers. I’m Robbie and I’m nine years old. I love Dr Who, Star Wars, Star Trek. My favourite xbox game right now is Civilisation Revolution.

    1. Hi Robbie im richard and i am looking for a friend to and no one likes me. i am bullied all the time and my ‘friends’ only come for my computer mostly.I like dr who,mine craft,rob lox,star wars and star trek.where do you live?i live in wellington,lower hutt.
      i love science and history.what do you like?i always carry around a yoshi soft toy from mario.do you have a soft toy?im very lonely and i would like a friend

      16/10/13 wednesday

      1. Hi Richard. You seem like a good friend. I like Soul Calibre v, Star Wars the force unleashed and minecraft. I live in Paraparaumu.
        I like science and history too like war history. I don’t carry around a soft toy but I usually carry what I call a feel good toy which I change sometimes. I also like drama and writing. I would like to be your friend.

      2. hey Robbie can you send me you email and skpe number and addres.sorry about the spelling.i live in lower hutt and like war stuff to.
        My phone number is ……. (Hi Richard, I removed your phone number and will send it directly to Robbie – I don’t think it’s a good idea to put phone numbers on the Internet, you never know who might be reading this. Regards, Bill – Moderator).
        Could you tell me what you phone number is?

  12. Thats good that you have found this site even though it was by accident. This is an Autism site that is a bit like facebook but more

  13. im sorry guys i guss my user name was worng on skype it is drake.northup aka Death Stroke but you have to type in the box drake.northup

  14. hey i have aspergers and is looking for people with skype and minecraft so this looks fun. so please skype me or leave a reply my skype name is Death Stroke and for the people who done know deathstroke is a dc super person.

  15. Hi I’m nic. I am lonely and would like to make a friend. I’m picked on all the time at school. I like computers and playing games. I also really like dr who. Would anyone like to talk to me?

  16. Hi I’m nic I’m 12 years old I like playing minecraft on the computer, I like playing rugby and soccer, I am lonely, no one at my school likes me, I’m picked on all the time. I want to make a friend. I also like doctor who and enjoy helping mum in the kitchen. Sometimes I feel sad and that know one wants to know me.

    1. Hi Nic, my name is Samuel and I am also 12. I like playing minecraft as well and I’d like to be your friend. I find it hard to make friends at school too. I have 3 cats and I really love them.

  17. yes i do Kenisha. it is hard because we find it hard to talk, make friends and understand some things. some of us get teased at school. but there is always someone who understands you. it might be your mum or dad brother or sister or even a kid from school. they might not be there forever but as my mum says. as they go more will come.

    by the way i am secretlab/michael wheeler. i know i look diferint now but the pc wont log me in. if you want to talk privatly here is my email: email address removed from this page and supplied to Kenisha by the moderator (we don’t think we should be putting our email addresses out there in case undesirables get to see it)

  18. yes i do Kenisha. it is hard because we find it hard to talk, make friends and understand some things. some of us get teased at school. but there is always someone who understands you. it might be your mum or dad brother or sister or even a kid from school. they might not be there forever but as my mum says. as they go more will come.

    by the way i am secretlab/michael wheeler. i know i look diferint now but the pc wont log me in. if you want to talk privatly here is my email – I have removed your email address from this forum, Michael and sent it directly to Kenisha. I don’t think it’s a good idea to put our email addresses out on the Internet, you never know who is watching.

    1. hi, I’m Kenisha, Asperges makes it difficult to make friends, its good to have friends to talk to who understand. I like reading, drawing and I wish i found it easier to talk to people. do you feel the same?

  19. my name is michael. I am 10 years old. i have aspergers, adhd and anxiety. I have trouble at school but my parents are doing all they can to help me. I would really like some people like me to talk to. so i joined cloud 9

  20. I just found this site, I am mother to a 12 y old boy with Asperger’s as well as Type 1 Diabetes. He seems to be into the same kind of thing as many of the kids who have posted – Lego and Lego Minestorm, Minecraft, really good at Maths, Science, Computing but less keen on English and PE. Would love to hear from anyone else who has or parents the double-whammy of Asperger’s and Type 1 Diabetes – thanks!

    1. Hey im Jordan and i have aspergers and well :) i would like to become friends , Im good at english,science,spelling,topic,and drawing . Im not so good at maths and thats it lol , i like mincraft lego and im on facebook im also 12 :) were do u live in nz i live in christchurch nz and mybe if u dont live far we could meet ? plesae repley and if you have a skype mybe we could skype :)

      From jordan

  21. I am Jordan Dunn, I live in Taranaki, Stratford. I am interested in making contact with anyone around the age of 12, 11 or 13. I live on a farm and suck at maths, i am in the process of writing a book about living on a farm, its sort of like Ben and mark only just about my dog toss and out little farm.
    I have aspergers Syndrome like you guys, I am glad my mum found this site for me!!!

    I love to play on my computer and i am trying to get mum to buy me john deere drive green computer game. I love playin on my playstation to.

    I have managed a small farm on my own for a week and have been paid $10 a day. ( $70 for the week) which i spent on tramping boots, I am a VERY accurate shooter with bot Shotgun and Rifle. I am a member of St John Youth. It is an awesome program!! for info go to http://www.stjohnyouth.org.nz

    I love listening to the edge ( my fav radio station) and we listen to it at school sometimes too. It is 94.00 fm. http://www.theedge.co.nz/

    I do 50% of the editing on this website: http://www.toko.school.nz and am the only student to have a student admin account,

    if anyone wants to be my friend send me a message on here or send a email to the mod and he will giv you my details.

    Jordan Dunn

    1. Hi Jordan :) i Love the sound of you gess what i do st Johns to ,, I love competitions sorry i dont live on a farm but i will when im older i am going to email you right now :)


  22. Hi, My name is Liam, I’m 10, and live in Woodend. I like playing playstation and nintendo. My favourite game is pokemon, diamond version. I do swimming and drama.

  23. Hi my name is Josef Sutton I am 12 yrs old and live in wattle downs I like the drums and electric Guitar do you guys and girls no any people who have A.S. that live in or near wattle downs?

  24. Hi my name is Jordan I live in Christchurch , I have been dignosed with asbergeous and i would like to make new friends i weak spots are maths and spelling , If you live in chch or else where and want to meet up just repley and we will get in contact :)) thanks .

    1. Hey Jordan, my name is Jordan to, i am 12 and live in taranaki, i would love to get in contact with you. I have asked the moderator to give you my email. I live on a farm and suck at maths, i am in the process of writing a book about living on a farm, its sort of like Ben and mark only just about my dog toss and out little farm. DO you live on a farm?

  25. hi im 14 i like to play pc and ipod touch i live in tauranga and i would like to make some friends. i play roblox and play pocket legends and i play dawn of war 2 retribution.if u want to ask me if i play a game u can

  26. Hello my name is Alex, I am 7 and a half and live on a dairy farm in South Canterbury.
    My interests are V8 racing cars, racing car games on the computer, 70’s and 80’s music, numbers and writing stories. I go to a country school and am really good at spelling, reading and maths and writing stories.

  27. james can i be ur online budy as well
    i also love roblox
    hey whats ur user name
    mine is either sampm8 or samthemansalmon
    whats ur email?
    can u please reply asap

  28. Hi my name is Liam. I am 9 years old and i have just been diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD. Is there anyone in the Bombay Pukekohe area that would like to meet up? Or I’m happy to chat with anyone else. I’m into Cubs, singing, reading and I like science and techno gadgets and computers.

    1. Hi Liam,
      I am 9 too and have just been diagnosed with Aspergers too. I live in Papakura so I’m a bit far away but I want to say hi anyway. I like Star Wars, riding on my ripstick, Ben 10 and playing computer games on safekids.com. I also like to make things.



    1. Hiya Luke

      I’ll be emailing you privately to pass on contact details of a couple of guys on this forum. And this goes for everyone else too. If you want to reply to someone but you don’t want it to appear on this open discussion forum, let me know who you want to make contact withand I’ll be only too pleased to pass on their contact details.
      All the best
      Bill (moderator)

    2. hi luke
      my name is luke too. I like playing online star wars games.I also like palying sports like touch rugby I am 9 years old


  29. HI im sam and im from waiwhetu lower hutt, im 12 and i like cats ( but not dogs), bunnys, ps2, pc ipod etc.
    i like maths, drawing(art), dodgeball, soft ball, soccer, rubgy, badminton, baseball, tennis etc
    i also like playing the guitar, piano,keyboard ,drums, bass etc
    i like rock bands like 30 secs to mars, bon jovi etc
    i like rock climbing, kayaking and others
    i like doctor who, star wars, home alone, torchwood etc
    i also like cooking and baking but not house work
    i have asparagus syndrome lol!!! i have aspergers syndrome so im an aspy
    i like flying kites( from the middle)
    any 1 out there that has similar interests?
    all my other friends are normal!!
    (ps: sorry about how much i said)
    and the errors!
    my picture looks ugly bo ho! :’+(
    gotto go
    bye again

    1. Hi Sam i like ps2 and pc too. i do rock climbing. and i like star wars.
      i live in Island Bay and i’m 9. I would like you to be my online buddy

  30. Hi Sarah, you could encourage Jesse to read by finding topics that he likes – you mentioned he loves army related things! He’s only 6 so wouldn’t worry to much that he doesn’t enjoy writing, but if he finds something that really interests him he will be more likely to write about it. My son is the same and he’s 10 now – his reading and writing have improved somewhat, but he still continues to struggle. Some of the things I have found that work for us – get him to tell you a story and you type it on the computer, that way you can add to it when he feels like it and when it’s finished print it off, maybe he could add pictures – and then he’s made his own story book. Many kids with ASD are real perfectionists, so having it typed up for them (with spell check!) – is a great way to get them started. Let his teacher know too, as he/she will be able to provide books, spelling words etc, that he has an actual interest in. There’s no point in sending a child home with a book that they have absolutely no interest in – they will only hate reading more. Once he becomes interested in writing that’s a good time to have him physically write his own stories – could be a long process though! Once again, he is only 6 and the thing I’ve learned is never to compare him with his class mates – he will progress at his own rate and you will find (with much patience) just how much our special little ones have to offer the world! Good luck and would be happy to chat with you if you ever need! You can get my number through this website. AnnMarie

    1. hi im Kenisha and I could have a chat with Jesse. I am 10 and live in New Zealand.
      I’m really good at reading and writing and I’m rather good at maths. Say hi to Jesse for me!

  31. Hey everyone I have a 6year old son with Aspergers/ADHD he is really into technology/computers/gaming and anything to do with the army. We live in wellington and have only just joined this site.
    My son (Jesse) finds some things very difficult especially reading and writing as these things just do not interest him at all, any ideas on how to encourage him?

  32. Hi James
    I am 12 years old, and live in Wainuiomata. I also play roblox! I would love to get in touch with you. I have aspergers and adhd. I have given my email address to the moderator, if you want to ask him for it so we can keep in touch.

  33. Hi Everyone
    I see some of you have posted your phone numbers on the diacussion board so others can contact you. That’s cool! My only concern though, is that this site is open to anyone out there and while the people on this forum are are all great, you never know whether some dodgy dude might decide to pick up your number and become a nuisance. We would hate that to happen. What I suggest in future is to send me (the moderator) your name and number by email to the Foundation email address, which is foundation@entercloud9.com and I’ll pass it on to bona fide people only (that’s the decent dudes) who ask for it. You can then post on this site that you’ve sent your phone number to me so others can contact the Foundation to get hold of it. It’s a lot safer if private things like phone numbers are kept off the Internet.
    Thanks and keep the messages flowing.

    1. Hi
      This is to Kelly and Ang10 who were looking for advice on how to explain AS to their children. As moderator, may I suggest contacting me either by phone (04) 2324795 or by direct email at foundation@entercloud9.com and I’d be happy to advise you. It might be a bit too long for the discussion forum and perhaps inappropriate posting it here too.
      Many thanks

  34. Hi There, my 9 year old son Harry has just been diagnosed with Aspergers and would appreciate any advice on how to explain it to him. All the posts sound just like him and were lovely to read, I hope he can meet people too with the same things in common.

  35. Hi my friends. Sorry I haven’t been writing to you lately. Been quite busy. 2 weeks a go I went up to Timaru on friday at about 2 o’clock to sunday afternoon to see my little niece Ruby whos now two years old. Not very good after that though because on that Friday before we went to Timaru I did something very serious at 9:30. so I couldn’t go to school for two days. Yesterday on the 22 April. I practiced casting and reeling in the line at the Clutha river with a fake tiny fish on the end (it looked like a real fish) but we didn’t catch any. Oh well you just luck to catch a fish. Do you know if there are any other kids with aspergers syndrome as well in South Otago or Dunedin.
    It was nice talking to you again.

    From your friend Jack

  36. Hi Guys,

    I’m Kenisha and I am 8.

    I like animals and I am very good at spelling, reading and writing. I am sort of good at maths. I’m a better reader than my mum!

    I find it hard fitting in with people, my only friend is Larisa but she is leaving my school soon to go somewhere else then I will be alone.

    My mum says she is going to come to school to play games with me and some other children to help me make friends.

    I would like it if any of you want to write to me and be my friend.

    Over and out until next time

    1. Hi Kenisha
      I have a girl in my class called Nisha. She is from Thailand.
      I will be 8 at the end of this month.

      The last week of the holidays I went to Foxton Beach. Too cold for swimming but I like playing on the beach – making forts and guns with driftwood.

      The Principal at my school is going to arrange a buddy for me from higher class. I hope he will be my friend. He likes computers so that will be great


  37. Hi Hayden James

    Im James Tuck,er and as i said ages ago i go to St Josephs School Wairoa

    I have quite alot of friends here and it is not a bording school!!!
    \Its pretty good here and i am in Y8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have got a fierce teacher called Mrs Nairn!

    Love to here back to you

    James Tucker

  38. Wazup, I’m Liam. I like Ben 10, club penguin (I’m tigger9107 if looking for me), ps2, swimming, booggieboarding, dancing and playing with my dog Copper. I don’t like homework, writing and scary DVD’s. I live in Woodend, North Canterbury.
    My friends say I am funny and have a great imagination. I like making up stories and I can change my voice to be different characters. I’m in Year 5, my teacher is quite funny this year. He lets me go to a time out room when I’m upset. Does anyone else do this? Do any of you guys like any of the stuff I do?
    I look forward to reading your comments, see ya. From Liam

    1. Hi

      I am James tucker and i have just noticed that you love Club Penguin Just as much as I do!!!

      My Penguin name is J512
      Got to go now

      See you later

      James Tucker

    2. I like Ben 10 and club penguin I am yr 6.And my teacher this year Mrs Tyrer I go out side when I am upset. And to have time to myself I like changing my voice to Donald Duck and Mr Bean. I have a great imagination and I also made a movie out of clouds. I dont like scary moves I wached a movie once and almost puked (Friday the 13th) I live in Upper Hutt.Maybe we can meet up or call sometime. PH:(pnone number held by moderator) see ya. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

      1. Hi Theo
        I pretty much like the same stuff as you. If you don’t like scarey movies don’t go to Spookers, cause I did and got completely freaked out! I’m nearly 10 and I’d really like to chat with you. I have sent my phone number and email to the moderator if you want to talk to me.

      2. Liam and Theo have been given each others contact details, so they can get chatting to each other. Anyone else wanting to make contact with someone on this Forum, just let me know by email and I’ll gladly team you up.
        Bill (Moderator)

    1. Hi Regan im Jordan im 11 going on to 12 if you are keen to meet up or get in contact my details are in the moderator thing :D thanks Jordan king

  39. My name is Alex. I will be 8 in May.
    I love PS3, Minecraft and lego. I enjoy riding on my scooter, all computer games, and playing with toy weapons.

    I love my cat – Normy and my mother Ro
    I thin k I have aspergers and I feel lonely especially at school. I am good at reading but I struggle with writing and concentrating.

    I live in Avalon, Lower Hutt and would like to meet with others who will understand me

    1. I would like to be your friend ,I haven’t got many friends.And I struggle in school as well.
      PH:(pnone number held by moderator)
      Maybe we can call each other.

      1. Hi theo.
        I have a liitle ecxema which makes me feel itchy.
        Its great I now have your telephone number so I will call you.


      2. Hi Alex, how has your week been? I did road patrol this week at school – even in the pouring rain!

      3. I do not like getting wet at all. I luv playing Minecraft and have been doing this today. Yesterday I went to my Dad’s in Stokes Valley and dropped some kids off at a cub camp.

        I don’t like new things in my life. I hate trying new things.
        The Series of Unfortunate Events is one of my favourite book and I like reading when I go to bed at night. I go to be quite late.


      4. my favourite book is Geronimo Stilton and I love reading in bed as well. What are you doing for easter?I’m going to the South Island

      5. In the holidays, I am going to Foxton beach for a week and they have sky TV, they have a skate park, they have the best fish & chips ever.

  40. Hi Guys, I am Connor J Saunders. I am 12 and a Aspergers just like you guys. I have a lot of hobbys: I.T, Mathematics, Spelling, and Creating. I Go to Newlands Intermediate. There is A girl also with aspergers, Holly. has she posted/heard about this? I really hate P.E. I really have a lot of imagination.

  41. Hi, I’m Theo and I have Aspergers like you guys. I am 10 years old and live in Upper Hutt. I like lego, tv, riding my scooter, jumping on my trampoline and am a really good tree climber. I love my cat Tess, and my dog Lucy. I am not good at spelling, not that good at writing and I find it hard to learn sometimes at school, because there is lots of noise and I don’t learn very well with lots of things going on. I come from America, but now live in NZ with my mum, dad, brother and sister. I would like to be able to have friends who understand me. My friends are Max, Zack, Cameron and Finn. That’s it!

    1. Hi Hayden

      You’re lucky to have lived in the US, where abouts from the US did you come from?. I’ve visited New York, LA and Las Vegas, I loved LA the best because of Disneyland and in most of my spare time I jump on my trampoline doing flips and tricks, sometimes 2 hours a day!


  42. Hello Aspergers Syndrome People!!!

    I am almost ten years old and I live in Tawa, Wellington.
    My intrests are Rugby and Star Wars, Also I’m good at
    Spelling, Reading and Writing. I look forward to talking to
    some of you guys out there!

    David Phillips

    1. Hi David,
      I am almost ten as well. My name is Luke and I like touch rugby and Star Wars. I am good at sewing too. I made a jedi suit. The cloak has a hood that comes over my head and eyes and I look like Anakin.


  43. hello im hayden james im 12 years old and im keen to meet with anyone who lives round wellington i have Aspergers and adhd

    1. Hello other young kiddies with aspergers syndrome I am James Tucker I am 12 yers old I love in wairoa with my mum kylie and my mums partner glenn.
      I am nearly 13 years old and I live in Wairoa Haweks Bay New Zealand.

      I go to St Josephs school wairoa and its pretty goo here because my nana workes here.
      I am a little bit sad because my nana had cut an ataie in here hand and hwe had to go down to hastings


      James Tucker

  44. Hello james did you know that you had forgotten to tell them that you are a

    Police Officer
    Club Leader

  45. Hi Aspergers/ADHD kiddies out there I am James DM Tucker. I am almost 13 years old I have Aspergers/ADHD like you guys.

    I am interested in:

    Computers/internet etc.

    I live in Wairoa Hawkes Bay New Zealand

    Are there any other kids who want to be my online buddie?

    1. hi james i live in lower hutt im keen to be freinds with you im 12 and i like your hobbies their mine to lol if you want to keep in touch with me heres my email (email address number held by moderator)

      from hayden james

  46. My daughter Soleil, is 8 and loves the internet. She has Aspergers and finds it easier to chat online then to talk in person. We live in the country and she is finding it hard to make friends. Can anyone recommend some websites especially for children with Aspergers so she can make some new online friends?

    Thanks and the website is great!

    1. I think it’s great having an 8 year old girl entering the discussion group. Welcome Soleil, I hope some others about your age notice your message and make contact soon.
      With best wishes
      Bill (moderator)

    2. hi.Im Rebekah i live in Palmerston North and i go to a country school.I like horses and most farm animals.Do you like animals?Whats your favourite animal?

    3. Hi Christine,
      My daughter Kenisha is 8, she has Aspergers, we haven’t got over the hurdle of explaining her diagnoses to her yet and was wondering how you did this with Soleil. Nisha is noticeing that the social gap is widening between her and her peers and is finding it harder to find and keep friends. Maybe our girls can chat together on this site as it is secure. Pippa

  47. hey, jack marshall, ur full of interests! u sound like an interesting guy! id be happy to, uhh do you have facebook or live mail (which means u can use live messenger)??? if not i can subscribe or join some other sort of social networking system k whatever?south otago eh? at school when i was 8, i held the record for the south otago spelling test! such a coincidence i mastered your spelling test and got 170/170 .u play guitar right? r u any good at it, what have u recently learnt on guitar

    1. A Message from Jack’s Mum – Our family don’t like social networking sites Luke and won’t be doing them at all sorry. We also live a very long way from you getting near the bottom of the South Island. You can keep in touch with Jack through this great website though.

      Here’s Jack to talk to you now – I am really good at the guitar and learning a song called Be Mine Tonight by Dave Dobbin and Lola by the Kinks. This is my third year of learning guitar. I am also learning rhythm, reading music and lead guitar riffs. I have a classical guitar.
      In the weekend I went to Dunedin. I went to The Warehouse first to get this game called Bop It that I had saved for for ages and then my Mum and I had lunch in a Cafe’. When we had finished our delicious lunch we went to Moana Pool and had a swim while it was raining hard outside.

      I love going on the three diving boards into the diving pool (not the very high one). There were two that were just a couple of metres above the water’s surface and the high one was about five or six metres above the water.

      What have you been up to lately? Thank you for replying to my first message.

      1. Hi Jack

        It’s Ben here and I liked what you wrote in the forum. I’m glad to see that you liked Moana Pool in Dunedin. I went there last April and jumped of the high diving board. I love jumping of any high up diving boards. We really enjoyed the pool and the Cadbury chocolate factory. Have you been there?


  48. whats wierd about mine is when someone says something like can you swim the answer would be yes but i would say no because i take facts like i cant do freestyle and hold my breath for very long and the waves make swimming hard and other situations too like have you been to this big shop before i would of walked in there for a quick look(1min) but not a big one where you walk around the whole shop and take your time so in situations like that i’d say no but i’d think im ment to say yes

  49. Hi Luke,

    My name is Jack I am 12 years old and have Asperger’s Syndrome as well.

    Unfortunately, I don’t live near Wellington but in South Otago. I would like to be your online friend if you would like that too.

    I am interested in: the playstation 2, computer arcade games, animals, the solar system, guitar, the outdoors, camping with Mum and Dad, kayaking with Dad, cuddling my 2 cats – Milo and Einstein (named because he’s very intelligent!) and last of all riding my mountain bike called the Raleigh Eliminator.

    I go to B.P.S (Balclutha Primary School) I am good at maths, reading and spelling. My teacher is Miss Nicholson and I am in Room 12.

    I have 3 friends: Josh (who has ADHD and ODD), Alex (who has Aspergers Syndrome like me) and Rhys (my classmate).

    I hope to hear back from you Luke.

    Kind regards from Jack

    1. Hello there Jack. My name is Tom and I am 13years old and I have Asperger’s Syndrome as well. My Mum has just found discussion forum and we have decided it would be a good way for me to make some more friends. Jack I live on a farm just out of Lumsden in Southland, so that is not very far away from you. I play soccer for the junior wanderers, I have 3 KunneKunne pigs. Two sows called Bella and Babe and a boar called Wilbur. They have had 3 litters already and I sell the piglets. I go to Northern Southland College and am in year nine. I love History, and enjoy watching the History channel. I ride my horse called Courgar around the farm and I have two sisters. You don’t live very far from me so it would be nice to hear back from you or anyone else. I look forward to your reply

    2. Hi Jack!
      My name is Mac and I’m 9 years old. I live in Wellington.
      I like playstation too and I have one. My favourite game for it is Jaws Unleashed. And I like PC games especially. My favourite games for it is Minecraft and World of Tanks.
      And I would like to be onlne buddy.

    3. hi Jack. I am Ben and nearly 12 years old. I live in Waiuku which is near Auckland. I have adhd and aspergers and am home schooled.. I went to school for 6 years but it didn’t turn out good as I got bullied and I couldn’t learn properly there. I like home school. I’m keen to meet people that aren’t mean. I love playstation, computer gaming (i usually clock games pretty quickly), I have a quad which I enjoy speeding around on, I spend a lot of time on my tramp and playing with my dog Indi, 2 cats and we also have two horses.. one that is going to have a foal soon.
      I also like riding my mountain bike, inventing things and building stuff. I love to build huts, climb trees, I’m great at balancing and enjoy talking with elderly people.

      thanks heaps

      1. Hi ben i love the sound of you i also have aspergers and im 12 to even though im in christchurch ill LOVE to meet thanks

  50. Hi other young people with Asperger’s Syndrome!
    I am 12. I live with my Dad who also has Asperger’s in Upper Hutt.
    I am keen to meet up with any other people with Asperger’s. I like guitar, bass, drums, and I am good at all my school subjects (except sport, I have dyspraxia) – but that does not mean I like any of them much. I have at least one friend with AS who comes to stay often (Ryan). Do you know other people who have Asperger’s in the Hutt around my age?

    1. hi jack im 12 years i live in lower hutt i would be keen to meet up with you if u want we can keep in touch heres my email :(email address held by moderator)

    2. Hi Luke

      My name is Ben and I am 13. I live in Johnsonville and am Year 9 at Onslow College. I like travelling during holidays, Harry Potter, trains and most of my college subjects. I do harriers (running), and karate for sports and like doing P.E at school.

      1. Hi Ben
        My name is Lewis and I am 14. I live in Paraparaumu and I enjoy computer games, my favourite subject is Science, and I enjoy playing squash and riding my bike. I am in the harriers as well.

    3. Hi Luke! My son is almost 9 and today he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. I am his mum and I think this blog is a great way to meet other people. I was happy to see the responses you have got and I hope you make some good friendships from it. We too are in Upper Hutt and I am looking forward to my son making new friends who are like minded like him. Keep up the good work learning your instruments! Eds

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