Asperger’s Syndrome Information

What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) is basically a developmental disorder characterised by difficulties in the following areas:

  • social interaction
  • communication
  • imagination
  • sensory sensitivity

In addition, people with AS may have difficulty with motor skills and often develop special interests and routines.

What is it like to have Asperger’s Syndrome?


… that you think the person actually wants you to hop over to them when they say “hop over here”.
… being so totally upset when your local shop stops stocking your favourite line of shampoo that you don’t think to ask them to get some more in, you just get really confused and depressed.
… that the everyday noise of the world feels like a fire alarm going off in your ears constantly.
… that you hated the taste of something so much that you had to spit it out on the ground in front of everyone, without understanding the disgusted looks they are giving you.
… that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot tie up your shoelaces or do up your buttons.

Why learn about Asperger’s Syndrome?

Once those around them understand the condition of Asperger’s Syndrome, support and help can be provided. The person can concentrate on developing the positive elements of this condition and control the negative.
The future is looking good with more and more people becoming aware of this condition and more research being done.

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