Z Energy – Good in the Hood – May 2017

The Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation is thrilled to be one of the four groups being supported through Good in the Hood at Z Tawa. That means we’ll get a share of $4,000.

Asperger’s group gets helping hand

A foundation set up to help children with Asperger’s has received $ 1155 from Tawa Z Energy’s national Good in the Hood 2015 initiative. The votes determined the portion of the total prize that each group received.

Cloud 9, which caters for people with high-functioning Asperger’s, received $1155.

Bill Murray, the foundation’s co-ordinator, said such people were very intelligent, but had trouble in social situations, especially intuition.


‘‘Cloud 9 receives no grants or government funding, so we are very reliant on charities and donations.’’