Information for Teachers

Here at the foundation we know how busy teachers are! We also know that teachers are crying out for information on Asperger’s Syndrome that is easy to understand and access. Keeping these two points in mind, we have created a booklet written by a teacher, for teachers.

Asperger’s Syndrome – What Teachers Need To Know 

It contains all the essential information on Asperger’s Syndrome to help teachers get to grips with the syndrome as quickly as possible. Even more importantly, it is packed with ideas and strategies that you can start using straight away in your classroom.

It is important to remember that the way Asperger’s Syndrome expresses itself varies from person to person. The book contains signs a child MAY express and strategies that MAY help. You will still need to work out which strategies relate to the child you are teaching.

Below is the table of contents for the booklet, showing you what is covered:

1) Introduction
2) So what is Asperger’s Syndrome?
3) What signs might a child express?
4) What are some strategies for the classroom?
Class work
Sensory sensitivity
Anxiety and tempers
5) Can I help the child with their social skills?
6) How can I help them in the playground?
7) What should happen before the child changes class or school?
8) Should I make the child do homework?
9) How can the child be assisted with study?
10) What should the teacher aide be focusing on?
11) Who else in the school needs to know?
12) Am I qualified to teach this child?
13) I want to know more. Where should I start?
Books and papers

This booklet can now be purchased from the Foundation at $10 per copy and this includes postage to anywhere in New Zealand.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education also have a range of resources for those working with students who have ASD.

ASD Resources